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Olé Noé is a speech-language materials company founded by applied clinical linguist Noé Alonzo Erazo. The company was borne out of a necessity for research-based Spanish materials and Hispanic cultural competence training in health care. The need became evident when Noé’s grandfather suffered a stroke that resulted in his loss of speech and language. The company made its debut as an exhibitor and presenter at the 2015 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association conference in Denver, Colorado. The company is committed to developing English and Spanish materials that implement evidence-based practices in communication sciences and speech disorders.

Olé Noé is involved in the training of speech-language pathologists, language materials development, and research. At ASHA 2015, Noé presented on strengthening relationships between SLPs and medical interpreters. At the same conference, Olé Noé launched its first product, English Phonetic Symbols, for clinical transcription and accent modification. In the field of developmental pediatrics, Noé wrote English and Spanish test items for the Listening Comprehension subtests of the Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment System (TX-KEA). Future research by Olé Noé includes crosslinguistic findings using language corpora.

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